Writing a blog entry (I can’t find it in me to do the work that needs to be done). I’m writing a texture piece in the spirit of Ligeti’s Atmospheres but I’m allowing for harmonies to crop up and since the transitions between different sections are meant to be subtle and messy it’s got a little bit of a Reich-like sound. I’m using big chords though, entire scales really, so it’s still essentially a texture piece. It should be cool. You will come and hear it and that’ll be good.

I got fucking sunburned yesterday, but then I took a cold showerfollowedbybath like three times and it made me well. I drank a beer and it put me right to sleep but not before I put on Aloe. Now I have a tan. It was ninety yesterday. It’s going to be ninety today. I can say, without a doubt, that I find this to be the most perfect weather in existence, fuck all y’all west coast people with yr insistence on “dry heat.” It’s not that pretty. I like being wet. So do you (I know it). It’s awesome, and the sky looks dense and filled with things, there are many more beautiful clouds and the soft haze that floats above the city and the fields during the golden hour makes me feel like I’m in a movie about the future or an alternate dimension and Tim Burton’s doing the set design. Anyway I had to lay around with little clothing. It made for a happiness I cannot explain even though I felt like a vain douchebag.

I’m gonna write. When it’s finished, sometime tonight, I will post the sheet music and you, web denizens, will be able to see what things look like. okeydokeysister024


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