Update: Open Source Collaborative Approach

My brief stay in New Jersey today turned out to be an impromptu band meeting. Hanging out with the guys in Teaneck and Hackensack, drinking lots of coffee, we came upon more than a few good ideas. In discussing our musical plans and how and with whom we want to make music, it’s become clear that we’re looking to apply the same kinds of principles and work method expounded by the open source movement to our music making. In short, we want to be an open source band. I want to purchase some server space so I can throw up a community forum for us to post our ideas to. This way we can pick and choose how we want to collaborate on a case by case basis. With server space a song can be posted in its working form, as a file formatted for the program that was used to mix and record it. This and the continued style development of this blog are our top priorities for the next two weeks.


One response to “Update: Open Source Collaborative Approach

  1. A lot of people are doing this it seems, although far too many of them are approaching it as a gimmick, something so central to their music that they can’t topically move beyond it. (One calls itself Open Source Band, which it think is pretty stupid. Also, a good many seem to feel the need to stake out claims that they are “the first” open source band. This guy has the right idea though:


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