In retrospect: June 2007

Last summer I had some ambitious plans. I was convinced that my band was going to take off, we were going to record some quirky, beautiful songs that people could dance to. We were going to take all our cues from Zazen Boys. Mark and I listened to them religiously back in those days. We even learned to play a few of their songs, namely “HIMITSU GIRL’S TOP SECRET” and “This is NORANEKO.” Sadly, plans alone guarantee little. My ambitions were not shared and I was being naive anyway. You can’t make people be in a band, or in your vision of a band, especially if their your friends. Maybe if you can force money-making-music out of them, that works, but even then, they can’t be your friends. After a year of inactivity and reminiscence, this has come to make good sense. So I will only collaborate now if there’s shared enthusiasm about the idea of making music, about the process by which we make music, and about the direction that the music is going in.

Still, we had a lot of fun, I think that we came up with some decently interesting, cool-sounding stuff for a couple of highschoolers with high ambitions and no expectations. I’m posting the stuff we last worked on when the steam ran out.

Pandas are Totally Cool
Untitled #1
Untitled #2

These were recorded in GarageBand which I hope I will never have to rely on again, since I got ProTools 7.4 a little less than a month ago. (A post on that program is in the works.) I somewhat doubt it, but some of these might be rerecorded for an what will someday be a record. “Pandas are Totally Cool” is actually fine musically, it just needs to be remastered. Unfortunately the computer that I had all the GarageBand files we made was just one of many casualties of a lightning bolt that hit the apartment building behind my house in Hackensack, NJ. Remastering will be tricky, but I’m sure there’s a way.


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