Sunday Morning…

brings the dawn in…

Woke up rested and ready to implement some major structural change to this blog. It’s fallen into inactivity, just as our ‘band’ seems to exist in name only. But Mark and I are making, playing, and listening to music still and somehow a reduction of the band to two creative elements seems wise. This is the internet era. Collaboration is the name of the game. Mark and I have been sending song rough drafts to each other of late. I’m going to start compiling all our recent aural excursions and post them up here as soon as I finished reorganizing this thing.

My first priority has been to establish a clear, specific objective for the blog. Primary objective: to document the artistic exploits of the band Heat Death of the Universe through regular postings of audio and text (and hopefully, eventually video). Secondary objective: provide a forum for the Zeitgeist of this band, from psuedo-philosophical musings and rants about contemporary social topics to sharing media content and reviews. I hope that our general interests will be reflected here, keeping everyone abreast of the latest web humor memes, new trends in IT, bad ass cult cinema, addictive blogs, intriguing art happenings, remarkable free software, note-worthy political events, and beautiful tunes. Maybe a book will get mentioned at some point or another.

I’m hoping the next entry won’t comically follow three months from now. This last line will make me look a complete ass.


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