The Boredoms as a super band of 77 drummers plus eYe? Today, on 7.7.07, the Japanese holiday of Tanabata? (That’s big in their culture, sort of like the Chinese New Year) Seventy-seven minutes of drumming climaxing with the sun setting? on a beautiful water part in Brooklyn? Christ god, drummers from Lightning Bolt, Oneida, Hella, Man Man, Psychic Ills, Black Dice, Holy Fuck, Gang Gang Dance, Prefuse 73? And let us not forget Andrew W.K. Honestly, this has to be up there with losing your virginity, getting married, having your first child, when you die, in terms of importance.

Sounds like I’ve never heard before, slamming, pulsing, so enormous, it was as though I could hear the Earth’s heart beat. eYe stood in the middle and conducted, would raise his hand and the intensity with which the 77 drummers tapped their cymbals would crescendo to a furious high and then follow his falling hand signal back to the a flatter, quieter “shhhhh,” and I swear it sounded more like waves crashing up against a beach than anything I’ve ever heard before. They slammed away at those toms, those snares, those bass drums, would move from weird jazzy, bossa nova drums in strange time signatures to tribal-techno sounding dance beats. As the drummers went through their motions, eYe would mess about with electronics and other contraptions, including seven guitar necks that were suspended in the air in the configuration of a piano keyboard, each with a different chord, he would hit these guitar necks with a drum stick and control, rather modulate the sustained drone of the necks, changing the timbre, the amplitude, the frequency, the everything of the sound wave. It was just too amazing. We also saw a faux-Mr. Mendelsohn there with a mohawk. I’ll post pictures of all this later when WordPress stops being such an asshole and some videos are up on YouTube.


2 responses to “BOADRUMS 77

  1. I’m totally with you on this event’s life importance. There was pretty much no excuse for anyone who was in New York (or anywhere on the East Coast really, I made it up from DC) not to be there. There are some rumblings about a follow up 8/8/08 show, but I’m not sure if thats just wishful thinking.

  2. i still hate you

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