general update, no real news

Mark and I are rapidly covering ground and soon should be able to play Zazen Boys’ entire repertoire. Hurray for Math Rock. Nothing new for e next week what with Prom etc. Next week we get the mixer however. I’m thinking of starting a Cause on Facebook. Does that actually work?

Mark and I also got into a really abstract conversation about our ‘concept,’ musically, artistically, philosophically, personally and what have you. Found that I don’t mind simpler music that’s lyrically driven, more descended form the folk/singer-songwriter tradition, the archetype of the entertainer, something that Bowie has based his entire career around replicating. Mark on the other hand, well, I don’t know exactly what his stance is. The fundamental thing that sets us apart made itself apparent when he told me he can’t or won’t or, more accurately, doesn’t play his guitar like David Byrne. Which is fine with me. To think of it now, I really wouldn’t to play bass like Tina Weymouth for all time. Somehow a little stale from a musical perspective. I was amazed to find that the entire bass line for Born Under Punches is just a G octave being intermittently and randomly slapped. The song typifies what I am sometimes about and rejoice in and what Mark really doesn’t feel. This is fine.

Also, Mark and I have decided that if this band is to ever develop a sound, the two of us must first play together to records a lot and write material together with Bass and Geetar before we can play material for all you folks that’s any good. Jamming was sounding pretty good with Travis the other day though. Very repetitive but it had some tight moments.

Still, Talking Heads do sound pretty fly in terms of their overall sound. Here is lovely:


2 responses to “general update, no real news

  1. Not that I don’t dig what they do, I mean I try not to block out the merits of any sort of musical style. I actually have been liking Talking Heads and other less technical stuff for a while (hence my hidden infatuation with post-rock and the like), and am drifting pretty far from the whole prog-wank scene. I mean, I’m in a slump in terms of guitar-playing that needs to be remedied, hopefully in the next week or so of hardcore practicing in my dim room.

  2. Number Girl/Zazen Boys = gods.

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