Went very well in most basic orientation of Zach, Travis, Mark and even a little Phil. Rocked out HIMITSU GIRL’S TOP SECRET, know now that we can easily preform it live (start building a new set-list) and get ye to enjoy. Unfortunately we couldn’t record it, due to the fact that it’s in 7/8 and Trav’s drums would definitely have to be laid down first and we presently don’t have the tools necessary to preform this feat. I know for once what it is that we gotta get:


That’s some serious cash… and this is just a hobby. All the same, we must have it.

We might be naming the EP after Overdrawn at the Memory Bank, which also happens to be one of the best episodes of MST3K that I have ever seen, only Jack Frost and The Final Sacrifice (and all those Sixties Japanese superhero movies they did) rival it in sheer terriblosity.


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