We’ve Switched to WordPress

Just FYI, WordPress is the shit and Blogger is a little lame. We will be ruling the Earth ten times faster now, provided the six of us can actually find time together to work out the four or so songs that are slowly condensing into super-massive stars from rough-sketch nebulae. For more information on stars, click here.

With WordPress we can actually host shit which means that we can now share with you what we’ve recorded as it gets recorded. I don’t know how many people actually visit this blog but I’m assuming it’s not a totally insignificant amount as the day I linked the old blog to my coworker Lauren Bozarth’s blog, she noticed that exactly twenty-seven people checked out her page, which is about seventeen hits more than usual (note: this is one of the reasons that we have switched to WordPress, I can monitor yr cummings and goings) and this makes me think that maybe seventeen people have been looking perhaps?

The iTunes store is raping me financially. Can you believe that the have Chinese Stars’ shit up for sale? I mean, that’s pretty good, and I’m beginning to lose my patience with SoulSeek. What’s more, when you actually buy music, rather than share it, some of that cash goes back to the folks who made it in the first place, and that makes me all warm and content deep down inside. (More rants to come on the many shortcomings and the many pluses of capitalism in this digital era.)


2 responses to “We’ve Switched to WordPress

  1. cummings

    … SOrry, this doesn’ have much to do with the blog but I ehard about Chinese Stars todayand their explicitness, can you tell me more about them?

  2. Oh,I saw it was hyperlinked, i have to say tho, i was expecting sexy lil’ 4 ft chinese acrobats singin bout kinky stuff

    im dissapointed

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