Thank You!!!


Thank you, the two dozen plus of you who have visited the blog today. Because the output has been high, we’re going to make sure we post content regularly so as not to disappoint. As I’ve said before, we’ll hopefully have recorded more material this weekend, or will have at least jammed out the old versions so that they is nice, dynamic, fluid, rough, messy, tight.

That is, as soon as I figure out how to host mp3’s. The service Benditch directed me towards, got me signed up onto, I don’t even know what we’re paying for it, is utter shit, for kindergarteners. (Get over here shit-head and show me how to pimp my site.)

I’ve also gotten to thinking over the day, toiling over this blog, and a lot of what I’ve thought I’ve forgotten, but I seem to remember thinking it was interesting. Something about the relationship between aesthetics and message in communications. It’s easily extended from that old dichotomy of feeling and meaning, the romantic and the classical, some shit that I like to get hung up on a lot and bullshit much about. But it’s still true. I could make an ugly ugly website, because I’m trying to express something that’s ugly ugly, but it would effectively nullify itself because no one would look past it for more than a cursory instant anyway. So we’ve got all these concepts for the group, many of them incongruent, as incongruent as the aesthetics of our members, and I wonder if there’s no way to mesh them into something that sounds good without sounding exactly like something old. This is no big or new idea, but somehow when your mind really articulates a thought and you go through a process that physically realizes the thought, there’s some strange feeling of transcendence that parallels the coldness of that thought.

Well, forgive me for talking out of my asshole. I have said nothing.

So that there’s something being expressed here, check out the new Chemical Brother’s video, Do It Again, something else which I have ripped off from my coworker’s blog.


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