First Blog Post

Now we have a blog. I anticipate that MySpace will be utterly destitute and
useless in about a year, and blogs seem to offer a lot more independence and mobility. Hopefully we’ll get some posts of some new song rough drafts.

We’ve got a ton of art by Travis, Mark, Sam, and Ankur Bhanderi for the planned website, but are waiting on Mr. Aleksey Benditch for an instructional. We got three songs on the burner right now, one very jazz (Cancer), another post-punk (Probabilities), and the third is an Afro-beat, keyboard infused instrumental call-response type song (Boriken/The Horror of the Camel Toe). Right now we’re setting a studio up in the basement, once everyone brings in egg cartons and cardboard for soundproofing. We also need a better computer (something that I hope will be taken care of by graduation in a couple of weeks) and a large size rug, maybe a few. If anyone has any rugs that they think they can part with, please consider us. Aleksey Benditch has also promised to contribute financially to the creation of a studio.

Here’s what it looks like:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hopefully an acoustic rough draft of Probabilities will come up first, likely under a different name.

I intend to publish scattered stuff up here, one every two weeks.


6 responses to “First Blog Post

  1. yo, it’s mark.
    i like blogger.
    i also like how the studio/cupboard looks.
    i have egg cartons and a rug that we could use.
    i am also debating whether i should give up using standard capitalization.
    (Probably will not.)

  2. Heat-Death Imminent

    I refuse to capitalize the first word in every sentence, instead I only capitalize proper nouns and the like, the word I, etc.

  3. ahh i’m so excited for all of this, if you guys play a show or anything of that sort this summer i want to go!

    ps- was this zach posting? dont you already have like, 3 computers?

  4. Heat-Death Imminent

    no… yes.

  5. Heat-Death Imminent

    hey! Brin! you are so cool, I really miss seeing y’all been so damn busy, tell your friends to be our friends on myspace! (<--self-centered whorebag)

  6. i am gonna show this to my friend, dude

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